Saturday, 15 October 2011

A goodbye...

I went back home last week...

It was the last session for the year 6 kids which i have my CSR programme with at Ampang. We had a year end party that Saturday. Everybody came with their best attire. We came wearing the BAKTI shirts. We had KFC, cake, chocolates, jelly, sweets and other stuff.

We'd decorated the class first and then started the party. We also play games i.e. poisonous box, musical chair ans statue.

In all, it was a fun session to have.

Loooking back , it had been 3 years since i met them all. They were in year 4 back then so timid when we first met. Now, the've grown bigger and not so shy anymore.

Seeing them grow each session does bring me pride. I hoped they do  lear a thing or two whenever we meet for the monthly session. Early this year was the proudest moment ever that i had with them. Their teacher had them do a choir during our yearly prize giving ceremony. They were so eloquent (did i use the word correctly?) when they sing and their voice are loud too. It seems that they can verbalize in english well if they wanted to.

At the end of the party, i do felt almost choked up to think that we may not meet again. I am going to miss them. Their cheeky self, their naughtiness in class, their smiles, their voice.

Goodbye & best of luck...

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