Monday, 14 November 2011

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara...


I did get active living here. I mean, we have badmintons twice a week. At times, there are inter-office sports tournament like badminton and coming up there would be futsal and bowling. Once a month when i am at KL, i also joined the futsal games which colleagues from my previous office usually invites. Hell, i am even more active than i was back in KL.

So why am i feeling heavier? I eat much less than when i was at my hometown.

Why...Why...Why...?!!!!Is it because when at KL, i tend to move more? You know, getting to the LRT. standing in the trains, walking to the office...etc..etc..Now, it took only 5 minutes to reach the house and afterwards, not much movement except to get the TV remote... kalo bleh lipat camnih...

My friend told me to go to the gym. Truth be told, i hate going to the gym. Especially if i went there on my own. Don't want to run on the threadmill, do love the stepping machine and the static bicycle though. Just that i don't have the motivation to be steadfast on going to the gym. I don't have discipline for that. Yup, lack of will power.

Think i need to do something. When will i do that something?

That is still to be determined...

Party bash...

Someone b'day came up...

Another friends of mine here celebrated their birthday. We went to this place near the town's fire station call 'Pappardelle'.

Found in a blog
A nice and cozy place to hang out but i don't think they are prepared ad-hoc to cater for a big group of people. You might want to book the tables first.

Found in the same blog
 That's what happened to us. We came to the place, car after car and in the end there are more than 20 of us at the there. We kept asking the waiter to add more tables and chairs. The waiter had to take orders one after another as we came separately instead of  en bloc. What a chaos it was..heh.

The food was delicious and for some of us it didn't took long to be served unless the waiter missed out your orders at the kitchen. The menu was mainly western though there are some local dishes.

Anyways, it was good to have a big group of people get together to celebrate the event. As always, we chit chatted about (like...not enough chatting at the office!), cut the cake and sang the birthday song so loudly. Thank god the other patrons of the place didn't protest much.

Like we care....we're the biggest crowd there...he...he...  


Clips of song which won that nite...
Sedetik Lebih

Pedoman VOU

Joget Tak Senang Hati

Got To Go

Beribu Sesalan


Susun Silang Kata

Ku Menunggu


Sheila Majid

Enjoying myself with the songs...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Eidul Adha...

It's a sacrifice...

Happy eid to all. Though it is a short holiday, I still manage to 'balik kampung' with my family. It had been almost 2 months since eidulfitr and 'taik cicak' was everywhere.

Really, the cicaks had parties or feast at my house..he..he...

The lawn is filled with overgrown grass and a tree had fallen due to strong wind and rain. I was exhausted helping my parents to clear away the tree. 

As we're not expecting faraway relatives to return to the hometown, my mother didn't prepare much. Dad didn't held any 'Qurban' this year nor does relatives nearby. If not, it would be much merrier as we would 'gotong - royong' to skin the cattle and cut the beef.

Anyways, it was nice just to stay at home doing nothing.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The thing i write...

'D' day...

It had been exactly 100 days since i moved to the East Coast. Though if i calculate it outright, excluding weekends and holidays it wouldn't even be hundred Anyways, i'd told my friends that i am starting a blog to make notes of my activities due to my transfer. I also said i would not publicly tell anyone of this blog until i had achieved 100 entries or 100 days.

So today is the day I officially welcome my friends to my blog. Yes, it's lame to publicise your own blog. But who cares...he..he..

Do read on my previous entries. The entries are not that funny and my writings are not that amusing but feel free to roam about and leave comments.

I will write now and then if not every other day. I promised my self that i would keep this blog. Here you can read the status of thyself as everyone knows i don't have facebook nor twitter.

Yeah me...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Falling in Love

Once in a life time
An angel sweeps you off your feet
And everything I’m about
Disappears before my eyes
You’re taking me higher
when I hear you speak to me
It feels so familiar that
I’m caught up in this fantasy

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you

When I look into your eyes
I see your love that comforts me
Every now when I go to sleep
I wait to see you in my dreams
You’re taking me higher
When I hear you say my name
I’m trying to tell you
That I never want to let you go

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you
Over and over again

It plays out in my mind, I can see it clearly
You’ve given me something new to believe in
Come take me away...Oohhh
(Come take me away)
Away...Come take me away...Away
(Come take me away)
Away, away

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you

I’m falling in love
Love love.. with you..
-Siti Nurhaliza
p/s : Catchy and Siti singing in English.....what else do you want...

In Time...

A modern day Bonnie & Clyde movie...

The storyline does reminds me of the famous couple bankrobbers with hints of Robinhood traits. As the future goes, money isn't not the currency of the day. Time is the essence. Time is what they yearn for and and it is limited. They live by the hours and they work for the hours. What would you do if you knew you would live forever or only a few seconds left in your life.

This is a futuristic/science fiction movie. For the first few minutes of the movie, you'll be trying to get a hand on what's it all about. By then you'll understand that in the movie, time replaces money and wealth. Lots of action and drama. Showing the same conflict we face in the real world. There is a message somewhere and i get it.

Worth the tickets? Yes. Should i see it again? Maybe...

Holiday abroad...

It was time for a break...

It was not really a plan. Some friends/officemates asked the month before whether i wanted to join them for a trip abroad. Didn't think much, i said yes and last week during Deepavali holidays we went to Jakarta.

4 days and 3 nights trip which includes spending time at a safari at Puncak, a day trip to Bandung and some time at Jakarta.

Commentaries......hmmm, might update on that a bit later or not.

Fun holiday ever.......really...Thanks guys...


You just can't be too careful...

The story was that my neighbour's car was stolen last 2 weeks. That neighbour is my officemate. She just came back from graduation convocation at her university the day before. She returned to the house just after midnite and parked outside. It is normal practice. You know...sharing the house with housemates which all owned cars, thus the space is not enough. It's a normal practice here. Even i at times parked outside.

So as fate turns out, in the morning when she wanted to go to the office, her car was nowhere to be found. Imagine the shock she had. Just a few hours before, she had parked it right in front of the house. Then, *poof* it was gone! She made a police report and everything. Personally, i don't think her car would be found. The thief must have disassembled the car and took the parts away. Discussing the matter with my friends, we think the thief really needed the parts badly. I mean my officemate didn't bring her usual car. The stolen car was of her father's and by chance was brought there. Should the thief had monitored the houses and the cars which usually was parked outside, he could have chosen other cars to steal.

I thank my lucky stars that i didn't parked outside that night. My car is of the same model as the stolen car. If she had brought her usual car and mine was parked outside, i think it would be my car that will be missing. Since then, i always make sure i bring my car inside the garage. 

When i first moved to the east coast, another neighbour of mine (who were also my officemates!) was broken into. It was just a few days since they moved into the house and it was a weekday. They were at the office. During lunch, my neighbours went home for lunch. He found that thief had broken the sliding door's lock and had stolen my neighbours laptops in broad day light. Let me remind you, the row of houses i lived in is in front of the main road and the road is always busy.

That is the thing with the houses here, even if you are upstairs you really can't hear what happens downstairs. Should anybody came into the garage and starts my cars, i won't be hearing it from my room.

Simpang malaikat 44...