Monday, 14 November 2011

Party bash...

Someone b'day came up...

Another friends of mine here celebrated their birthday. We went to this place near the town's fire station call 'Pappardelle'.

Found in a blog
A nice and cozy place to hang out but i don't think they are prepared ad-hoc to cater for a big group of people. You might want to book the tables first.

Found in the same blog
 That's what happened to us. We came to the place, car after car and in the end there are more than 20 of us at the there. We kept asking the waiter to add more tables and chairs. The waiter had to take orders one after another as we came separately instead of  en bloc. What a chaos it was..heh.

The food was delicious and for some of us it didn't took long to be served unless the waiter missed out your orders at the kitchen. The menu was mainly western though there are some local dishes.

Anyways, it was good to have a big group of people get together to celebrate the event. As always, we chit chatted about (like...not enough chatting at the office!), cut the cake and sang the birthday song so loudly. Thank god the other patrons of the place didn't protest much.

Like we care....we're the biggest crowd there...he...he...  

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