Friday, 30 December 2011

To the movies...

Went to watch a few movies since the last one...


As it is with other Greek's gods and goddesses myth and movies made, they are in need of a human hero. With humanity and the gods themselves at stakes, the unlikely and unwilling hero goes through a journey to defeat terror in the shape of a vicious dictator who commands a huge army and self-claimed as god. The movie is so graphic with the torture scenes and the picturistic imagination of mount olympus. As for the storyline, why oh why it is redundant and typical like other greek myth movies? I really don't think it's worth to see again.


If you love Shrek and you should love this movie. As jumbled as the fairytale could be, this one focusses on the cat (yes, it is obvious!). The storyline was about how friendships are made and broken. How jealousy could make one do devious things. A family movie, really. A bit boring for me though some of the squence in the movie is really good. I especially liked the dance off part. The cat is cute...

How much you pay, ah?

Really, i watched this movie and it is utterly stooooooopid! Not much of a storyline except using the main actress sexy allure and the main actor popularity. Don't ask me why i went to see this one.....Nyesal!


Love this movie!!! I like how the story goes how a scene in the beginning of the movie is connected to the scene at the end of the movie. I like the way it made me, a viewer, thinks about the next scene. To guess the hero's next step. To question the use of certain items in the scene. To deduct what will happen next and whether the hero could solve the mystery.

As the story goes while Watson is busy with is marriage arrangement, Holmes is busy trying to investigate the mysterious Prof. Moriarty. They went through fights and danger to solve the mystery. As they get deep into it, it occurs to Holmes that he is facing a cunning philanthropist who would do anything to ensure he gains more than enough gains from his investment. They collide in strength and mind. Does the professor had the upper hand and Holmes end up in his grave or other wise? For sure the hero will live another day or will he? Certainly worth your money to watch this movie and i am willing to watch it again with much attention to details...

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