Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Les Miserables and The Hobbit...

Two of the most awaited movies of the year 2012....


What can i say about this movie but the distinguished non-stop singing from the beginning of the movie right till the end. Some might feel the movie a bit dragging.....and yes, it is!

A long story of a man's struggles in life after being harshly punished  for a small crime.When his sentenced was up, he was stamped as menace to the society. Thus was poorly treated when looking for jobs and things. He was bitter but alas, he found a savior in god and had since mend his ways to make to the top of the society.  He had also changed his identity.

However, he was hounded by the authority especially by an Inspector who knew him as a convict. Then he met a woman which was dying. He promised to take care of her child. When the child grew up, he didn't tell his past to her. The child had fallen in love with a young revolutionist. The man realizes that he had to let go the child to find her own life.

- It was a great movie. A snooze here and there but a beautiful story. Some parts are sad while some i don't think even needed singing. To truly enjoys the performance, you must see the act live in theatres. Obviously not in this country. In the beginning, you'll hardly recognise Hugh Jackman as the lead. Anne Hathaway was..okay..just a small part of the story but that small part is painful to see...in a good way! At the end of the movie, you just feel helpless at the injustices of the world. In conclusion, if you find god in your misery...he'll guide you all the way...   


If you love LOTR series then you must go and watch this movie. I mean who doesn't want to know what adventure did Bilbo Baggins had before Frodo was even born? About how he met Gandalf the Grey and on how he was honored in Rivendale, the Elven country.

This is the prelude of the series. The book that Bilbo had written for Frodo. I like this movie. I had come upon critics who says it was boring. well, not to me. It was interesting all the way to the end though it wasn't really the end. 

I don't want to tell more. Just go and watch it!!!


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