Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It was last Sunday, i woke up early morning contemplating whether i wanted to go to Putrajaya or not for this fiesta. At long last, i climbed out of bed and got ready. Arrived around 8 am and all those interesting balloons had already left the area at Precint 2.

All that left were balloons for ride and show
Filling the balloon with air

Heating up the air to make it light

Up in the air

The process of inflating the balloons do take a long time. First, you have to set up the basket and the propane canister properly. Testing the burners. Then you have to lay the balloon properly. Fill it with air before heating it up so it would float. You know the principal of hot air is lighter than cold air. That's why they environment suitable in Malaysia was either early in the morning or late in the evening while sun is just at the tip of the horizon.

 They do have this balloon rides for the public. It uses helium gas. 

Even kids could try it
 What is it like inside the balloon? Well, i did experience it there. It is huge!!!

The fiesta also offers other activities for their visitors. It seems that the theme for this year is hipsters stuff or indie thing. What interest me is the whole lot of food truck converging at the area.

This come as a surprise. A convenience shop have their own truck!

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