Thursday, 8 January 2015

#Repost @riwanpa_ ・・・ Assalamualaikum everybody. Our friend @adydzafri is currently at Kuala Krai and working hand in hand with #buraqrescueteam and Aman Palestine. Apparently food is enough and something is missing, comfort... So we are planning #pilovesforpantaitimur which is a program to raise fund for pillows, blanket and toto. Each set is estimated around RM80.00 and we hope that we can achieve 1500 sets of #piloveforpantaitimur Something to shoulder their burden and keeping them warm during cold night. Currently they are not sleeping at a proper place so we hope this project will achieve its goal. Goods will be sent out on weekly basis and we need you to keep spreading this word. Only Allah knows how much they are suffering inside out and we plan to ease it, in sha Allah. Credit to Kemal @akubudakmuoronvacation for this artwork 😉😉 #pilovesforpantaitimur #wecareforyoueastcoast #prayforpantaitimur #cookingforhomeless #thecollectivebyreniandfriends

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