Thursday, 8 January 2015

The first trip of the year 2015... Day 1

This trip was planned last minute. We were determined to make it happen. So we went to Singapore for 3 days starting on the new year day. At first, it was suggested to go by bus as i don't want to drive but later we found out that there were cheap flights accross the Tebrau straits.

Upon arrival, we purchased this. Affordable and worth it for the 3 days using MRT.
It could also be used for bus service.
We stayed at a hostel at Boat Quay area. Lots of seafood restaurant plus bistro there.

The room is quite comfy
Like a true tourist, i marked our hostel and the places we want to go

At the terrace of our hostel. The view is spectacular!

After checking in, we went to Chinatown. Did you know a mosque, a temple and a tokong situated near to each other along the rioad there? Yeah.....sooooooooooooo multicultural. Hehehe...and we also went along the street where vendors sale cheap merchandise. There is a dedicated alley for street food!

Afterwards we go to the usual Bugis and Kg Gelam area. Had a murtabak dinner there at a famous restaurant. 

Kg Gelam Mosque

Ordered beef and chicken filling. Yummilicious when eaten hot!

  Later after dinner, dropped by at Raffles area and the obligatory Merlion picture taking.


Marina Bay Sands
After the mandatory picture taking, we walk back to our hostel. It is that near.

It is at this bridge we saw a man proposed to his girlfriend with ballons and all... 

Victoria building or something?
I think this is their parliament building. Like Capitol Hill, right? 

A luxurious hotel. I don't think i could ever spend that much money there.

Fun night


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