Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eid at work...

To eat and have a feast...

Yesterday, my division had an Eid celebration. Invited all the tenants at the office building to join the celeberation. The week before, there was 2 other division held Eid celebration. Plus, there are invitation by vendors for their Eid open day. So, here in the East Coast there is a tendency of having free lunch every other day in Syawal.

For our celebration, each departments needs to put on a show. Well, it was delightful to see that our management also join in the show. Some puts on a great dance number with everyone dancing, one department put a video presentation along with their show, another instill the patrioticism in their act with 'Merdekaraya' and my department put on an Eid sketch with background 'live' singers/choir ( which includes me!). When i say show, they really pun on a spectacular show. I mean, when can you see a senior manager dance on the stage? A cute dance some more!
Rase bleh masuk rancangan ni tak?

 The day was joyful and we just forgot about work for a minute. Like a say to my fellow colleague, the thing at this office is that whenever there is a chance of something which could distract you facing work, you'll give it 100%.

This you wouldn't see in KL...

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