Monday, 25 July 2011

Though i will be far, no worries...

The move is eminent...

As its gets nearer and nearer, it seems unreal. I just can't believe that i'll be moving away. Into a new job, new environment, new bosses, new everything! Though i'd prepared for it i.e. find a house, scheduled movers, went for familiarization, attended training, buy stuff and things to be brought over there....i just....hmm.....not ready.

I think once i moved, then the reality would hit me. Hopefully i'll not be too shocked and shattered.

For the last few weeks, i treat my days as if i would still be working in KL. My plan once there, was to come back to the city every weekend. The more i think about it, the more impossible it felt. 4 hours drive, a trip with tolls and other expenses. That 8 hours go and back. Can i afford the time and money? Wouldn't i feel tired and everything else which comes together with the trips?And the first 2 months would be Ramadhan and Syawal. I don't know. I would only know when i am there.

My friends said goodbyes to me last weekend. I replied, it wouldn't be a real goodbye as i would be returning every weekends and we usually hang out on weekends anyways. We would still hang. Just that i can't do dinners on weekdays like we do at times. I just can't, on a whim call and meet my friends. It'll have to be on weekends.

No worries, i'll be okay. I am fine with the move. I hope i won't be emotional on my last day this 27th. Hate goodbyes. I will be far, but my heart would always be in KL. I'll be calling and texting all the time. I might even create an FB profile just to keep in touch with them. Really......maybe not......who knows......anything is possible.         

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