Sunday, 21 August 2011


Really, wild boar...

A family of wild boar.
Guess where did i took this picture?
I have heard about the co-existance of wild boars among the housing estate in my area. Never thought they were so big. All the upside down trash can and the rubbish that seems to the work of dogs are actually the result of the boar's mischief.  

And today, early this evening i saw it all. I saw how a family of boars picknicking in a non-sealed trash can. throwing the rubbish everywhere. Making the place like their own restaurant. As evidenced above, this is a family of boars. The father and mother with their young. 3....4 little piglets? The parents are teaching their younglings about the best food in town...he..he...

As i caught this picture in front of my house, i just couldn't believe these boars seems had no hint of fear againts the humans. Wish i had a gun and shot them all...(how mean am i?)

P/s : The piglets seems cute with streaks of brownish fur...heh!

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