Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A deskjob it is...

Week 2 on the job...

Is it a boring job? Not really. Is it so interesting? Not really also.

By definition, it is a deskjob. You are pushing papers to get approval. Everyday.

Calling vendors to make sure they get the orders. Every other day.

Users calling you making sure you pushed the papers and call the vendors. 24 hours? It might as well be!

P/s : Someone told me that whether the work interesting or not, it's entirely up to you. You are the one who can make it exciting, interesting. If you look forward for the job, the job will not bore you. If you wake up and thinking, it'll be a boring day...for sure it'll be full of boredom.

P/s 2 : Finding the motivation is not easy. You need to push yourselves. You need to know what makes you excited. You need to make your day wonderful. Noone would make it wonderful for you.

P/s 3 : Think it like this. This is the work the company pays you to do. Do it. The company could always pay other people if you are not interested. This is the fortune God had given us. Aren't we grateful?

P/s 4 : 'Ikhlas' is the word. The more we moan, the more we complain, it's like we are not grateful. This is even harder to achieve but it is achievable. I am like other people, digging deep for motivation, tunneling further to search for 'ikhlas'... trying to do the job with heart.

Yup, it is so hard...

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