Sunday, 21 August 2011


Corporate Social Responsibility...

I've been involved in my company's CSR activities since my first year working. The decision was influenced by my chindian friend. He brought me to the program at this particular school just to gain my interest. Since then i've been hooked to the program.

It wasn't that difficult to convince me to stay on with the activities. Ever since i was at school, i always like to be involved in extra curricular activities... club, societies, organising committies and so on. You can say that i am one of those students who like a bit of power and attention.

Listing down all the things i do at school you'll get the picture. At my secondary school, i was the school's prefect, the head librarian, the hostel's prefect, the english room committee, club treasurer, committees of several programs and etc. Actually i wasn't that popular and i wasn't trying to be popular. Just that i was trusted and given all those positions by my teachers and peers. Am i a teacher's pet? No...a BIG NO...

At U, i'd joined a club under the counselling department. In the club, i learn about how to be a facilitator. It's a step by step program from being an ordinary an co-faci then to a full fledged faci. I'd also been elected as the head faci for the club. We had organised lots of motivational programs outside the U and also been invited to held programs in schools and communities. I gained lot of experiences with the club. How to deal with different people with different mannerism. How to control situation from escalating. How to hold and coordinate programs. How to deal with authorities. It really helps me in my degree. To those uninitiated, i got a degree in psychology.

I learn about mentoring in another club at U. In this club, i learn something new. I learn about the importance of guidance in our life. Learning about how we could be significant in other people's life even when we don't really realise it. I learn how to be a role model. Learn to be optimistic in life. Learning to take something as it is, trying not to judge that much. Learning to take life positively. I was active in both clubs. So much that every weekends, there would be some kind of activity for me.  I'd juggled the activities between the clubs so that there would not clashed. I learn to schedule my time.
These 2 clubs are not the only curricular activities i joined. There are othe societies also. The Psychology Students Society among others. All this doesn't mean that i don't have social life. I do enjoy outings with my friends.

Anyways, this posting is about CSR. So, as i said it wasn't difficult to gain my interest. Since i started to work, i've been loooking for something to fill my weekends. I don't really like to stay in my room or to be a couch potato at weekends. I also don't want to just go to the movies or karaoke'ing each weekend. Thus, the CSR program became my extra curricular thing. From just coming to the program, i became a fici and quickly became a head faci. My kids are facing UPSR this year. I've been with them since they're in year 4. I am nervous. I hope they do well eventhough academic achievement is not the aim of the CSR program.

This CSR program is not just filling my weekends. I love my kids. i really think they had learn a thing or 2 with the program. I really enjoy the time i spent with them no matter how exhausting it may be...

P/s : Good luck in UPSR, do your best! 

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