Monday, 15 August 2011

Planet of the Apes

Watch a movie last week...

About a man and his chimp. The chimp grows older and bigger. The chimp became intelligent. But shit happens. The chimp end up in a lousy sanctuary. The chimp then became a leader and led all the monkeys to revolt. In the end, it is monkeys versus man. And man is so stupid to let the monkeys win. Is there logic to the story? Obviously not. Anyways, it is a fiction. Anything goes.

Well, there is some moments in the movie that shows the humanity side of the relationship between man and ape. Apes is animals after all. Whatever attachments, betrayal they'll be felt to the extreme. They can't reason, they can't think rationally. The reality of man's relationship with animals was really potrayed here.

So, was it a good movie? So-so... 

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