Sunday, 14 August 2011



Why is it so difficult to surf the web outside office? As i wrote earlier, connectivity is such a chore here. I am now at McD, one of those places offering wifi hotspot. Earlier, i was at Starbucks. Yes, we have that coffee chain here, at Mesra Mall.

Mesra Mall? It is the only place that kept life bearable for those youngsters who transferred from the city. Thankfully it got all the basics like a cinema, a karaoke place, a bowling alley, family game centre, futsal court, Starbucks, Burger King, Secret Recipe, Rotiboy, Guardian, Famous Amos, big Apple and some other chain store. A simple, single storey mall. Somehow keeping us KL people sane. Thank you certain oil and gas company!!! heh... 

Since i came here, i would always go to Mesra Mall to buy stuff. (Though the stuff can be bought at any sundry shop near my area!). Twice, i break the fast with my fellow friends. Once, went to watch Planet of the Apes on a Wednesday. So many times went to TMC (a sub-chain of Giant Hyperstore), to buy household thingy. Really, it is much fun and convenient to go here. Need not to go anywhere else.

About connectivity... for the time being, going online have to be from the office or these hotspots. I have yet to call TM to get streamyx at the house. Usually, i'll hang around at McD to give updates, surfing and chat. It is easier at McD. I haven't tried at Mesra Mall. The signal is stronger at this fast food chain. And you don't necessarily have to buy anything to log in the internet.

I think for this month, i'll be around the hotspots...

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