Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Live from the new place...

In the office, no purchase requisition to process just yet....

My place
It had been almost a week since moving here. Rented a house with my friends.  Started at the new office last Monday, the first day of Ramadhan. The first 2 days reporting for duty was filled with briefings, meetings and getting our cubicle in order. Meaning to set the phones, the conputers, IDs needed to enter the systems and also to haul the stuff we bring from previous place. Here, we work from Sunday to Thusrsday. So, I'll be going back to KL after work tomorrow for the weekend and breaking my fast on the road. Some of us carpooled. However, this time around i'll be driving alone. Maybe next next time i'll do a convoy.

Trees outside the office
For the past few days, it had been somewhat busy. People going in and out of the office to get the system running. New people with confused looks, gazing around to get a hand on what they need to do. Me...i am learning. Baby steps.......or maybe long runs...he..he.... Thanks to my friends and fellow senior collegues, i got some undestanding what my job require of me. Knowing the systems and procedures is the first steps. I got mails requesting for info on my second day. After asking here and there, i think i know what to do. Let me do it first. If i make mistakes, need not to repeat it next time.

It's 5 pm. Time to go home...

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